Thursday, February 27, 2014

Commentary no.5

This is a well written poem in which McKay uses the title The White House ironically. The title has no reference to the actual white house itself, but it change the whole symbolic meaning and intent of the poem, making it appear as if the burning ambition of the black malcontent was to enter white houses in general. In the Harlem Renaissance., McKay expresses his thorough discontent with the Unites States segregation. In this poem he specifically singles out American big-industry. The poet  denounced the racial hypocrisy of American white people during that time period.  McKay advocates behaving with poise and composure in the face of segregation and prejudice. He shows this mentality through the first line in the poem by telling the reader that his persona stands by the shut door with a “tightened face.” He shows disgust towards white-America’s hypocrisy, employs flame imagery, and promotes a very resilient image of the black man in Africa.

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